13 Amazing Wood Carvings. #8 Is Just…Whoa!

The Green Man

You own a knife and a chisel, right?  Ever thought about giving wood carving a try?  If you have, the marvelous examples that follow are sure to inspire you.

Each one of these was hand carved by someone with outright talent.  I would imagine that these are also not the first carvings that the artists did.  But maybe with a little practice you could create a masterpiece like these.  You won’t know until you try!  So go pick up a stick, get out your knife and get started.  Then let us know how it turned out in the comments.

1.  Old Man in a Pine Knot

Pine Knot Wood Carving


2. A Swimming Catfish

Catfish Wood Carving

3.  This Box Called “The Dunes”

Box Wood Carving

4.  “Diwata”

Cabinet Wood Carving

Cabinet Wood Carving

5.  The Green Man

Green Man Wood Carving

6.  A 7-Drawer Chest Called “Alupihan”

Chest Wood Carving

Chest Wood Carving

7.  Rococo-Style Cabinet

Cabinet Wood Carving

8.  A Baroque Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair Wood Carving

Rocking Chair Wood Carving

9.  The Overflow Beer Caddy

Beer Caddy Wood Carving




Beer Caddy Wood Carving

 10.  “Unity”

Unique Wood Carving

 11.  A Dragon Guitar

Dragon Guitar Wood Carving

12.  “Breath”

Artistic Wood Carving

13.  A Walnut Headboard

Headboard Wood Carving


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