17 Pallet Projects to Spark Imagination…I want #6 in My Yard!

Pallet Projects

It’s official…the pallet craze is in full effect!  And why not?  With all of that free wood just lying around out there, it’s good that people are starting to realize that these things can be made into something other than firewood. Maybe you’ve even thought about making something out of pallets, but you’re just not sure what it would be.  Hopefully, the following pictures will spark your imagination.  If nothing else, they should prove that the possibilities are limitless with pallet wood. Go pick some up & hit the shop.  Then show us what you did.

1.  An awesome bar

Bar Pallet Project

2.  Pallet wood flooring

flooring Pallet Project

3.  A gorgeous rustic hutch

Hutch Pallet Project

4.  A hope chest

Hope Chest Pallet Project

5.  A chair that ANYONE can make

Chair Pallet Project

6.  This sweet outdoor seating

Outdoor Seating Pallet Project

7.  A coffee table

Coffee Table Pallet Project

8.  Love the layout of this table top

Table Pallet Project

9.  Pallet wood exhaust hood?

Exhaust Hood Pallet Project

10.  It doesn’t have to be rustic

Amazing Pallet Project

11.  Bet you could build some pallet furniture in this

Shed Pallet Project

12.  Yes, this was once a shipping platform

Beautiful Pallet Project

13.  Nice sofa table with a granite top

Sofa Table Pallet Project

14.  Great contrast in these two pallet woods

Checkered Pallet Project

15.  This would look good in your kitchen

Wine Rack Pallet Project

16.  A pallet wood wall

Wall Decor Pallet Project

17.  This one is just beautiful

Desk Pallet Project

It’s hard to believe that the wood these projects were made of was just going to be thrown away or burned.  The next time you see a pallet, or two, lying around, pick them up and take them home.  With a little care and attention, you may just find some great wood in them.  Free wood is always good though, right?

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