5 Quick and Easy Shop Projects

I’ve got three videos for you today that have one thing in common.  Solving problems without plans.  That’s right…no free plans in this post.  Just free inspiration.

The gist is that if you’ve got a shop storage problem, you don’t have to go jump on the internet searching for plans.

Got sandpaper laying all over the place?  Build a shelf to store it on.  It’s a shelf – you can handle that.  Make it custom to fit your particular needs.

Paint cans stacked up in a corner?  Get them out of the way by building a shelf near the ceiling.

You get the idea.

In the first video Matt Cremona solves his sandpaper storage dilemma by building a small shelf up and out of the way.  It’s made to fit the specific type of sandpaper that he uses, so the exact design probably wouldn’t work for you (because, really, you and I don’t have piles of Festool sandpaper lying around, do we?).  Anyway, it’s the concept that we’re going after here.

I also like Matt’s philosophy of storing things near where they will be used.  Seems simple enough, but look around your shop and see how many times you violate this simple rule.

Video #2 comes from Mike and Lauren.  Scrap wood was beginning to take over Mike’s shop – just like many other shops around the world.  So he set out to build a storage solution.  Mike had a small problem to overcome, but he did it all on the fly with no plans.  Just building something that met the needs of the situation.

There are no hand cut dovetails here.  This is all function, baby!

April Wilkerson knocks out three shop projects in the last video.  A super-duty bomb-proof over-built paint can shelf.  A couple of simple corner shelves.  And for the third project April thinks she has a out-of-the-box solution but when it’s not exactly what she expects, she ends up modifying it to meet her particular needs.

Hopefully these videos will get your creative juices going to help you solve the little problems that persist in your shop.

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