A Peek Into Jimmy DiResta’s Mind

Here’s what I’m really enjoying about the videos that Jimmy DiResta makes for Core77 – Jimmy talks in them!  Any avid follower of Jimmy knows what I’m getting at here.  He rarely talks in his build videos, but in these he is explaining not just what he’s doing, but also why he’s doing it.

We get a glimpse into the creative mind of a Master Maker.  And it is inspiring!

In Jimmy’s latest Core77 video, he creates a very unique table that he calls the Vampire Spike Table.

He talks about his inspiration for the piece – a chunk of wood he saw in a dumpster one time with big nails in it.

He talks about his tools – mostly his new lathe/milling machine.

He talks about his setbacks – problems with the finish, the drill bit, the saw marks…

He talks about his weaknesses – he let Willie give it the final polish because “I’m just not that good at it.”

I know we get to hear him talk in his Jimmy Tips videos, but there’s something very different about hearing him describe his own build video.  I love it!

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