A Satisfying Secret

I love secret compartments!  I’m not sure why.  But there’s just something almost magical when you do all the things you have to do to open one and it pops out.

Also, secret compartments go way back in woodworking.  Those folks back in the day were hiding stuff everywhere in their furniture.

In that ole-timey spirit, Dustin Penner has created a beautiful Secret Compartment Box.  The craftsmanship is wonderful and the design is well conceived.

What really draws me to this piece, though, is the mechanism for opening the secret.  I think it is the combination of the simple, yet well-hidden, lock along with the spring action that shoots out the compartment.  I just know it has to be oh-so-satisfying to press that pin down and have the hidden tray emerge from the side of the box.

Check out the build video, then head over to Instagram to follow Dustin, and YouTube to subscribe to his channel.


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