A Warped Tray Full of Tool Envy

Frank Howarth is a woodworker extraordinaire.  He also takes great pride in his film making.  Frank’s videos are always top-notch.

In his latest episode, he sets out to repair a turned platter that had warped over the years as it dried.  I found the repair process interesting and informative.  He actually cuts the thing in half, removes a strip, then replaces it with a segmented glue-up.

Then, with the plan of making this platter into a chip-and-dip server, he adds another segmented piece in the center to hold a bowl of salsa.  I’ve only stuck my toe into the depths of woodturning, but I would’ve never even considered that a repair like this was possible.

WARNING:  Frank has lots of big, beautiful tools in a big, beautiful shop.  If you are one who is prone to fits of incapacitating tool envy, do not watch this video!

Finally, if you enjoy the stop-motion segments in this video, that’s just another thing that Frank excels at and you find a playlist of his stop-motion videos here.

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