Airbrushing Is Easy and Cheap, So Why Not Try It?

I’m sure we’ve all painted a project or two, but probably not like this.  Carl Jacobson has been messing around with his old airbrush in the last two episodes and he’s had some really impressive results.

There’s something particularly intriguing about painting a piece while it is on the lathe.  I guess in theory it is very similar to the actual woodturning process – which I also find intriguing.

One nice thing about airbrushing is that there is a relatively low entry cost.  So you can spend just a little bit of money to give it a try.  Then if you don’t get the results you’d like, well…you’re not out much dough.

For example, if after watching the videos below you feel inspired to try this airbrushing technique, you can pick up a Master Airbrush® G233-SET Multi-Purpose Professional Set from Amazon for only $25.  It’s got great reviews and if you’re a Prime member you even get 2-day free shipping on it.

Of course you’ll need some paint so while you’re on Amazon, pick up the Createx Colors 2-Ounce AB Airbrush Set for only $18.  It has the basic colors plus black & white.  Enough to get you started.

There you have it:  $43 spent and you’ve got an airbrush setup (assuming you already have an air compressor).

Below you will find three videos.  The first two are from Carl and the third is from Martin.  Who is Martin?  Martin Saban-Smith is a wonderful woodturner who posted the airbrushing video that inspired Carl.  And honestly, Martin’s piece turns out more impressive, in my opinion.

Both guys are woodturners that are airbrushing for the first time and both are overwhelmingly successful.

One question that these videos have brought to my mind is – I wonder if this airbrushing thing would work with wood stain?  Even on a flat piece (not on a lathe) I wonder if you could create designs with different shades of stain?

What do you guys think?

Carl’s 1st Video – Tequila Sunrise Vase

Carl’s 2nd Video – Airbrushing Round Two

Martin’s Video – Golden Fire Turned Platter

This one is a little lengthy.  To skip straight to the airbrushing, go to 9:30 in the video.

If you like Martin’s work, subscribe to his YouTube channel then follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  • Reply September 22, 2015

    Martin Saban-Smith

    Hi there!
    Many thanks for sharing my airbrushing video…I was pointed to it on a woodturning FB page called Woodchuckers by a member there.
    Carl did a brilliant job in his two videos and I’m very touched that he gave mention to my humble first effort.
    To answer your query at the end of your article, I used wood stain and not paint. I used spirit stains from a UK company called Chestnut Products…so not a pot of paint in sight!
    It is very likely that you can use stains on ‘flat’ woodwork and is certainly worth a try, in my opinion.
    Thank you once again for the shares and shout-outs. Very much appreciated.
    Kindest regards,

    • Reply September 22, 2015


      Thanks for clarifying that, Martin. I must’ve missed that point in your video.

      I know Carl used paint, though. Do you see any benefit of one over the other?

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