Build a Disc Sander for $25

If you don’t already subscribe to Izzy Swan’s YouTube channel, then you are missing out on some serious woodworking innovation.  Izzy started out as kind of the “jig guy,” but lately he has been on a SERIOUS “drill-powered” kick.  He recently built a drill-powered ride-on dinosaur that got a ton of attention.  Izzy has also built several drill-powered tools – check out his Drill Power Playlist here.

The latest tool that Izzy designed is a homemade, drill-powered disc sander that also folds up for easy storage.  This thing checks off so many boxes for me that I’m going to have to build one.  Tonight.

The video is below and the plans are available on his sight, but he does charge a little for them to help support his shop.

If you are a fan of creativity, ingenuity, imagination and resourcefulness – Subscribe to Izzy’s channel, Think Woodworks.

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