DiResta Is Opening New Doors

Over the weekend I stumbled across a couple of DiResta videos that I had not previously seen.  And I thought I had seen them all.  Jimmy has apparently found another avenue to get his videos online.

The vids I found are on The Core 77 Video Channel.  The About section provides some hints as to how this partnership may have come about:

Since 1995, Core77.com has been an indispensable design magazine and resource serving the greater online community.

Founded by designers living and working in New York City, today the Core77.com network includes daily design news, thought leadership, professional development, industry advocacy and community outreach.

Jimmy is a big time NYC guy and he has a heavy design background so there is an obvious fit there.  I’m sure he sees this as a way to extend his online reach.

As for Core 77, their videos average about 2,000 views each.  Then they drop a couple of DiResta videos that get 127k and 56k views.  Obviously, it worked out well for them.

As far as I’m concerned, anything that gets more DiResta on the web is a good thing so I’m excited about this.  I’ve put the first two videos of this collaboration below.

Check out Core 77’s Facebook and Twitter accounts where they share tons of cool stuff.

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