Do NOT Buy a Doweling Jig. Make Your Own

Have you ever attempted to build a project using dowels without using a doweling jig?  I have, and it sucks.  There is no amount of measuring and marking that can get all those damn holes to line up right.

At one point during my project I created something (vaguely) similar to what Matthias uses in this video.  But I didn’t really think it out all the way and it only improved my process slightly.

After completing my project I saw a post on Facebook of someone raving over a particular jig that they used.  I swore that next time I had a doweling project I would buy it.  I even wrote down the name of it.

I’m sure I have that piece of paper somewhere.

But it doesn’t matter anyway.  After watching Matthias Wandel’s latest video, I’ll never have a need to buy a doweling jig.  It’s so incredibly simple to make my own.

I’m pretty sure that the jig he shows at 1:55 in the video is the Eagle America Self-Centering Dowel Jig and that sucker costs almost $70.  No thanks.  I’m gonna put that $70 toward some of that fancy hardwood you guys use to build stuff.  I’m getting sick of pine.

But I digress…

Matthias is building a very simple bookcase to hold all of the “new literature” required for his family’s new addition.  He shows how to build the jig and how to use it on both sides of the joint.  Be sure you watch all the way to the end where he explains what he would do differently next time to make it work even better.

If you are one of the few woodworkers who have not already subscribed to Matthias’ channel, you can do that here.  Also, check out his website,, where he posts articles and plans.  You can also follow Matthias on Facebook.


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