FREE PLAN – The Folding Picnic Table


If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen this in your news feed a hundred times and every friend you have that knows you are a woodworker has sent it to you at least once.

folding picnic table

“Put this on your list!”

“I’ll take 2 of these, please!”

“You should make these and sell them!”

Well in case you are inclined to take those folks up on their offers, or maybe you just want to build one for yourself, I’ve got the plans for you.  And when I say “I’ve got the plans for you,” what I actually mean is that I’ve found the plans for you. currently has 5 different versions of the plans available on their site FOR FREE!  (There is also a PDF version available for $5 that removes all of the ads, but the content of the plans is no different.)

All of the plans are comprehensive, very detailed, quality plans.  They include a shopping list, a cut list and drawings & photos of every step.  I’ve included a few screenshots below so you can see how good these plans are (these are from the free version of the plan).

If you’re not too busy building a pallet project for the Pallet Up Cycle Challenge, you could probably have one of these amazing tables built this weekend.

And if you get stuck along the way, come on over to the We Woodwork Slack Group and I’m sure you can find someone to help.

folding picnic table 1


folding picnic table 2


folding picnic table 3

folding picnic table 4

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