FREE PLAN – Ultimate Sanding Block

You show me a woodworker who enjoys sanding and I’ll show you a woodworker that needs a trip to the local insane asylum!

Nobody likes sanding.  NOBODY.

But sanding is an absolute requirement in this wonderful hobby that we’ve chosen to pursue.  So if you have to do it, you might as well have the best available equipment.  In my opinion, “the best equipment” is usually a powered sander of some sort.  However, there are certainly times when hand sanding is the only option.  In those cases it’s still nice to have a good piece of equipment to use.

Enter the Ultimate Sanding Block.

This design was created by John Heisz.  John is one of the geniuses in woodworking who is constantly coming up with new ideas.  Also, in keeping with my absolute favorite aspect of the woodworking community, he freely shares most of his great ideas.

John has a YouTube channel and a website and each are required viewing.  As of this writing, John has 294 videos published on YouTube and 40 free woodworking plans available on his website.

Below I have included his video for the Ultimate Sanding Block.  The design and build method are simple and this tool can easily be built in a couple of hours.

Here is the link to his article on the build*.  Even if you watch the video, the article is still worth checking out.  There are details included in the post that are left out of the video (probably for time restraints).

What do you use for hand sanding?  Think you will add the Ultimate Sander to your tool arsenal?

*NOTE:  The video is based on the updated version that John references near the bottom of the article.  It’s a simpler method for creating the dovetail.

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