FREE PLAN – Wooden Strap Hinge

Izzy designed a very successful furniture line that used these wooden strap hinges and now he’s showing us how to make them.  Thanks, Izzy!  

At the beginning of the video, he references a previous episode where he builds a saw mill jig for the table saw.  Of course, that’s a great video too, so if you’re interested in that one you can find it here.

These wooden hinges are surprisingly easy, especially with the free template, and they would really look awesome on a rustic project.  I’m currently trying to think up a project just so I can have an excuse to make some of these.

If you haven’t already subscribed to Izzy’s channel, do so immediately.  He is active on Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to follow him there.

Also, Izzy has a great website,,  that was recently redesigned.  He’s got plans for sale, free plans, a couple of galleries, and a shop so stop by and pick you up a Think Woodworks sticker.

Think Woodworks

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