From Dimensional Lumber to Exceptional Chest

Jay Bates, of Jays Custom Creations, is building a “dimensional lumber bedroom set” and today he released the latest installment- A Knot-Free Pine Chest of Drawers.  I like the way that he selected the knotless pieces from the wood to tone down the piney look of the piece.  One thing I’d be curious to know is – How much waste was there?  He references in the beginning that he’s expecting a lot of waste, but I’d like to see the pile of it at the end.

This is the third video in the series, with the first two being a bunk bed and a pair of book shelves.  I have included all three videos below for your viewing pleasure.

As is always the case with Jay, he’s published very detailed blog post on each of the builds.  Be sure to check those out too.  I’ve put the links to each of the articles under the videos.

Jay makes some awesome plans.  He is a bona fide Sketchup guru!  As a matter of fact he has a 39 video playlist on his channel that is nothing but Sketchup instruction.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that he makes plans for most of his builds, too.  The links to those are also beneath each of the videos.  Jay has chosen to charge a couple of bucks to download his plans, but the quality is definitely worth the small fee.


Blog post for the chest of drawers.

Plans for the chest of drawers. ($8)

Blog post for the book shelves.

Plans for the book shelves. ($5)

Blog post for the bunk bed.

Plans for the bunk bed. ($8)

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