Just for Fun – Ladder in a Bottle

This project falls in the same genre as the Impossible Nail-Through-Wood Trick that has garnered Steve Ramsey over 12 million views so far.

And the trick is actually created in much the same way.  Watch the video below for the details.

Suso, from Paoson Luthier & Woodwork, says that it is custom in his country to put a ladder in the liquor bottle when you bring it to a party or gathering.  The ladder gives your soul a way to climb out of the bottle (I just totally made up that last part when I was trying to figure out how such a tradition would have started).

There are tons of other great videos on the Paoson Luthier & Woodwork channel, and they’re not all fun and games.  Suso did an 8-part series on Making a 3-D Router that is stellar, so be sure to check out his channel and subscribe.


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