Got Mallets?

Working with tools crafted by your own hand takes woodworking to a whole new level.  I’m not in the hand-tool camp, but I can still appreciated a well crafted tool.  I’ve made a couple of tools and on the occasion that I pick them up to do a job, it always adds a little something to the experience.

One of the easiest, and most practical, tools to make for your own workshop is a mallet.  Mallets are incredibly useful and a good one is just about required once you reach a certain level of seriousness with the craft.  So if you’re going to need one–and you are–you might as well craft one yourself.  The satisfaction is nearly immeasurable.

Now that I’ve convinced you to make your own mallet, I’m not going to leave you high and dry.  There are numerous ways to build one and no particular way is right.  However, there is something about the way that Linn builds hers that appeals to me.

Linn is a rising star on the woodworking YouTube scene with her Darbin Orvar channel and I think her appeal stems from her hybrid approach.  She truly enjoys the pleasures gained by crafting something with hand tools.  But she understands that other things are better accomplished with power.

She adeptly uses her combination of skills when creating mallets.

If you choose to build one, I believe you will find this project simple enough yet incredibly satisfying.  If you’d like a mallet like this but would rather not build it yourself, Linn would be happy to sell you one from her shop.  (She also has some hand-crafted finishes for sale on her site,

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