I’ll Take My Coffee Segmented

Have you seen the Travel Mug Turning Kit at Rockler.com?  Well, don’t buy it!  They charge $9.99 plus $5.11 shipping & handling.

Woodturner Cory Tichenor turned out a couple of magnificent segmented travel mugs using cheap plastic travel mugs from a discount store.  His cost?  $4.99 each.

Cory uses canary wood and wenge which have wonderfully contrasting colors.  When finished with Tung oil the look is complete.

Check out Cory’s video below then subscribe to his channel to see any new stuff he turns out.  You can also follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

If you’d like a mug like this without making one yourself, Cory will be happy to sell you one on his Etsy shop.  It’ll cost you $75 but after watching the video it’s evident that significant craftsmanship was involved in the creation.

Finally, I can’t finish this post without noting how much the style of this video resembles a Jimmy Diresta production.

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