Lift Top Coffee Table with BONUS Money-Saving Tip

coffee table lift mechanism 2

David Picciuto (the artist formerly known as the Drunken Woodworker) has really embraced his channel’s new moniker “Make Something.”

In his latest video David steps outside of his woodworking comfort zone and makes a frame for a coffee stand out of aluminum.  He details the process used, called brazing, well enough in the video and gives some tips to help avoid pitfalls.

Of course, the cool part of this coffee table is the lift mechanism.  I’ve seen some that were fabricated from wood, but for this build David went with the Rockler Lift-Up Table Mechanism.  After seeing the $200 price tag on the mechanism, it may be a worthy endeavor to build your own.

Here’s an Instructable for making your own lift mechanism if you want to try that route.  And by the looks of it, I think it would work well with the rest of David’s design.

coffee table lift mechanism 3

David’s video also includes a helpful tip for preventing tear out when cross cutting plywood.  I’ve seen it before, but it’s one of those things the I need to be reminded of.  Otherwise, I only think about it after I’ve made the cut.

Check out the video below, then subscribe to Make Something on YouTube and follow David on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Let us know in the comments below:  Would you make your own lift, or buy one like the Rockler version?


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