Sorry, Your Cutting Boards Suck Now

MTM Wood is banging out some special cutting boards.  With the drastic rise in popularity and availability of CNC machines, I imagine we will start to see more of this type of work, but right now these are the best I’m seeing online.

Check out more examples in their gallery.  (The website is not in English, but that’s an easy fix with Google translate.)  You can also follow them here on Facebook.

These are not instructional videos, per se, but the process is covered in enough detail that you can easily figure out how to replicate this style.  Given, of course, that you have the necessary equipment.

What do you think about this type of work?  The CNC obviously opens up possibilities that never existed before, but it also removes a lot of the handcrafted skills.  I’m torn on the subject.  (NOTE:  I would certainly accept a CNC machine if anyone is looking to donate one to the cause!)

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