That’s Slicker Than… Mutton Tallow?

Mutton Tallow

Travis Knapp from sells all sorts of beautiful rare wood via his ebay store and he is also a hand tool woodworking enthusiast.

It’s the combination of these two pursuits that led to his latest offering.  Mutton Tallow.

What is mutton tallow?

It’s a tool lube.  Here’s what Travis says about it:

100% Pure Organic Tallow Tool Lube in a convenient lip balm applicator. The tallow is from grass fed free range animals and containers are made from recycled materials. No odor because of the highest quality rendering.

Production has started and will be ready to ship by the end of the week. Now you can have the best tool lube and you don’t have to use your fingers to apply it.

$5 each and that includes domestic shipping. If you can’t wait to buy it in my store, you can send $5 via PayPal to and I will ship one out to you this Friday the 21st.

I like that it comes in a little tube allowing you to apply it without using your fingers.

Travis is also very active on Instagram and you can follow him here.

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