Using Hand Tools to Make Hand Tools

There’s something refreshing about seeing a young woodworker that is dedicated to preserving the skills and tools that are being lost by his generation.

And Dutchhorse is doing just that.

In his latest video he is making a wooden jack plane inspired by an antique plane iron that once belonged to his grandfather.

Dutchhorse uses nothing but hand tools for the build.  I’m talking hand drills, here!  This boy is committed and I’m digging it.  He also has a wonderful attitude.  Upon noticing a fairly serious design flaw after spending many hours building his plane, his response was

Successful people think in solutions instead of problems.

I like this kid!

He is fairly new to the YouTube scene, but he’s got it together.  His editing is good and the video quality is nice.  He recently surpassed 2,000 subscribers and he has a goal of 10,000 by the end of the year.

Let’s show Dutchhorse some love and help him reach that goal.  Click here to subscribe to his channel. He is also active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please share this using the links below the video to help get the word out about Dutchhorse.  We need to support kids like this every chance we get.

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