We Woodwork Weekly Wrap-Up – 8/7/15

Every day I scour the woodworking web for the best content, then share it with you.  I do the legwork so you can just sit back and enjoy.  But there are certainly nooks and crannies of the web that I can’t make it to every day.  That’s where you come in.

You see, the “We” in We Woodwork is you and me.  I envision this site as a community for woodworkers.  So if you stumble upon something in the vastness of the web that you think others will enjoy, shoot me a message on Facebook, Twitter, or the Contact Page.  I’ll make sure it gets out to the masses.

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Keep scrolling for the Wrap-Up:

ICYMI – Hottest WeWoodwork Post

Secret Box

Turns out I was right about everyone loving secret compartments.  This post blew up this week!

Free Plans

Sliding door console

Ana White posted about this Sliding Door Console.  And as usual, there are very detailed plans to go along with it.

YouTube Highlight

I love the Mike and Lauren channel.  Expect to see more from them on the site.  This video is a sweet charging stand for an Apple Watch and iPhone.

Wood Art

Ring & Ball

This is an amazing work of art called Free Standing Ribbon and Sphere that was created by Bob Collins.  There are a few more photos/angles here.

Fun Stuff

Sanded Wood

Artist Laurin Döpfner made this timelapse video with a belt sander and about 650 photos a log being sanded at half a millimeter intervals. The results are truly mindwarping.  He’s got a ~2 minute video of this process with different objects on YouTube.  Check it out.


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