Weekend Blastoff! 8/14/15

Most of us are weekend warriors when it comes to our woodworking hobby, so here’s some inspiration for your weekend shop time.



Making Farm Tables

This type of table is all the rage these days and The Homestead Craftsman gives a fantastic overview of how to build one.

Pull Out Tool Tray

This project from Glass Impressions could be a god-send for those of you with micro-woodshops.  It’s a quick build, too.

A Scroll Saw Portrait

I would like to know more about how the template was created for this portrait by Mighty Wood.  I’ve got a scroll saw and a wife who would love something like this.  Gotta get some spiral blades, though.

Easy Weekend Project

The Rogue Engineer created this simple scrap wood shelf that you could easily modify to accommodate your particular pile of scraps.  (Click the pic)



Inspiration for Self-Improvement

These are just some awesome pics that I’ve come across this week.  This kind of stuff inspires me to get better at the craft.

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