Woodworking Bucket List — Make One.

Woodworking Bucket List

The list of projects that I’d like to do is longer than my arm.  I’ve got the same problem as you, though – not enough time.  Knowing that our shop time is limited, we have to prioritize what we are going to do when we get in there.  But you probably do like I do and just prioritize what you are going to do that particular day.

I like what Ned has done in his most recent post on Artisan Boards.  He’s created what he’s calling his Woodworking Bucket List for this year.  Really all he’s done is put in writing a list of goals that he would like to accomplish this year.  There is a ton of research about the effectiveness of putting your goals in writing, but the long and the short of it is…Writing down your goals GREATLY increases the chances of you achieving them.  The same studies show that making your goals public (even to family &/or friends) ups the likelihood of achievement even more.

So, I’m betting most of Ned’s list gets done this year.  Maybe not all of it, but certainly much more than if he had not written this post.

How about you?  What projects/tasks/goals are on your Bucket List for this year?  What about next year?  Or the next 3 years?  Check out Ned’s post below for inspiration, then take a little time this weekend to think about it and write some things down.  Or better yet, post your list in the comments below.


My 2014 Woodworking Bucket List

Hi folks,  been a busy week at the daily grind, several thousand miles under the wheels since I started this blog. That’s good for the wallet, not so good for shop time. I have loads of time for thought though, and this week I’ve been thinking about where I want the shop to ‘go’ as it were.

I’m Horrible about finishing projects, so this list is more of a wish list than a must-do list. That being said, putting ‘pen to paper’ (fingers to blogging keyboard?)  helps get me moving in Some direction, so here goes (in no particular order) :

  • Solar Heat project for my shop.  see Builditsolar.com
  • Router insert in my table saw extension wing
  • Tune up table sawBucket List Workbench
  • Set up Wolverine under my grinder
  • Tune up bench planes
  • Add front vice to bench (here’s a pic when I first built it… back in 2008
  • Rebuild the entrance to my shop (new door & re-fit steps to shop)
  • Install window on north wall (finally)
  • Turn 5 bowls (small steps…)
  • Make and sell 50 cutting boards
  • Install drop ceiling in shop (to keep the heat in over the winter months)
  • Finish the upper section of the shop (planning on working on that this weekend)
That ought to keep me busy through Christmas.
Thanks for checking in. Work safe!

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