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Some of you have been woodworking for a long time (you know who you are) and I’m sure you’ve got tips and tricks that you could share.  There’s a whole generation of up-and-coming woodworkers who would love to have a piece of the experience you’ve gained.

Use the comment section below to drop a tidbit of knowledge.  It’s for the greater good.

I’ll start us off with this tip I found in the latest issue of Woodworker’s Journal.  I’ve included it below.


Originally Published in Woodworker’s Journal


I used to use balled-up cotton rags to apply wipe-on poly, but I’ve recently discovered a much better applicator. All you need are a bag of those inexpensive, circular make-up remover pads and some old knee-high pantyhose. I slip two or three of these cotton pads inside the stocking and wrap up the excess. The cotton accepts a good charge of poly that’s still easy to control, and the pantyhose keeps the cotton fibers out of the finish coat. It also lays down a nice, level coating without streaks.

-Richard Gaudreau

Ok, your turn.  Whatcha got?  Comment below.

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