You Can Make This Amazing Clock

I love projects like this!  They look sophisticated and complicated, but really are pretty simple to build.

Peter Brown posted a video a few weeks ago about a sliced wood bending technique that was inspired by a Seth Rolland piece.  The process is incredibly simple and yet the results are amazing.

Then, in an attempt to make something unique with this technique, Peter came up with the idea for this clock.  While he did encounter some setbacks and frustrations along the way, I say the resulting piece is a resounding success.

Check out the videos below – First is the video on the sliced wood bending technique, then the video on making the clock.

When you’re done with the videos, subscribe to Peter’s YouTube channel so you can keep up with what he’s doing.  You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sliced Wood Bending Technique

Sliced Wood Clock

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